Monday, December 8, 2014

Pinned It Made It Monday Week 49

Over the weekend I created 40 notecards for a friend that she will be sending to Belgium for Christmas! She had a foreign exchange student last year and the notecards will be going to his dad's girlfriend and his mom.The inspiration for for these notecards came from HERE and HERE on Pinterest.

The most consuming part was printing the Monograms one at a time. They come from Cutting Cafe's Monogram Set. I'm not very good at PDF's copy and pasting so I could print out a whole sheet at a time. It seems whenever I do, they are blurred, and I don't have a PDF converter program. If anyone has any tips on how to print out a whole sheet of Monograms, I would love to hear it as I need to make more cards. Ü

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  1. awesome, i love them....AND here is a pdf convertor
    or here