Friday, September 5, 2014

Frugal Friday 9-5-14

* I had mentioned on my don't buy anything challenge that I would be buying peaches if I saw a good deal. I scored big time! HyVee had Colorado peaches (the only kind I like to buy) for 88¢/lb! I couldn't believe it AND we were in Kearney that weekend moving Aaron back to college. Perfect! I called my oldest DS to tell him and he had me pick up a box for him and DIL as well. I bought 4 boxes, gave some to Aaron to eat on and canned and froze the rest, plus made jams and jellies you can see on my post HERE.

*used a coupon/code to get 12 free note cards from Shutterfly. I only had to pay shipping. I had done this once before and they were the nicest quality cards. I picked a card template where I could add my own photo. This is a picture of some flowers I had taken a few years back in the fall when visiting my brother and SIL in Geneva. I had gone for a walk with my camera and these were so vibrant and beautiful.

*rec'd free subscription to Family Fun. They always have a lot of fun craft and food ideas

*watched free movie on Hulu:
   The Bouquet

*Entered 4 Kellogg's Reward Codes to get 400 points, then found out from a blogger friend that they would let me do it again, so did

*earned $35 in Swagbucks

*gallon of 2% milk for $2.99

*close dated Mozzarella block for 99¢

*made Monkey Bread and Ham Balls for Aaron to take back to college for some meals. Also sent hamburger and shredded turkey and12 banana peppers with him as he was wanting stuffed peppers. That will help him out with a few meals.

*ate the majority of our meals from the pantry and freezer for even more savings last month
*4 lb sugar 99¢

* Campbell's Tomato Soup 69¢ each and then had a 40¢ off coupon for 3, so that made them 55¢ and 56¢ each.

*Prego Pasta Sauce 99¢ each and then had a 75¢ off of 2 coupon, so that made them 61¢ and 62¢ each.

*chicken breast on sale for 98¢/lb! Great buy! We eat a lot of chicken a lot of different ways.

Please share your frugal tips. I love to learn even more ways to save.

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