Friday, September 19, 2014

Frugal Friday 9-19-14

*rec'd tomatoes, green pepper and jalapeno peppers from friends
*downloaded books from Bookbub
*watched show with Aaron on Netflix
*gallon of 2% for $2.99
*made my own version of V8 juice ~ 7 qt
*made homemade pizza sauce ~ 11 pt
* made homemade tomato soup ~ 17 pt (I have made this before and it is better than any brand I've ever bought)
*cohosted another Ladies Night Out and brought home leftovers: smokies, lots of generic lemon lime soda, potato chips, dips, salsa: the theme was tailgating
*we made homemade bar soap again as we were getting low. Scented this almond with some scent I purchased for free on Amazon with my swagbuck points
*picked up a basket, tin with painted yellow flowers, silk daisies, and 2 mugs for under $3 for my next sunshine basket I create
*used swagbucks to get curtains for 2 windows and 2  shelves for my craft room for free!
*had a girl's day out with a SIL and my DIL and we split a large meal and one brownie and had free ice cream
*rec'd a lovely totebag from my SIL
*canned hot banana peppers
*made jalapeno jelly
*learned about Savings Catcher from Walmart. Signed up and entered a receipt and earned 54¢ back (if you go to Walmart and then enter your receipt it will check to see if the price was cheaper somewhere else that day. If it is, they will send you an e-check. You can accumulate the savings and print when you want to use at Walmart)
*bought Oreos for 1.99 each! They are $5 where I live. Bruce's bd is tomorrow and we are making homemade Oreo ice cream
*took advantage of Swagbucks Walmart $5 gift cards on sale for 440 pts instead of 500 points. Was able to get 5 of them
*watched a movie for free on Hulu

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  1. Are you seriously kidding me? You are an amazing woman and I am just in awe of the things you've done. The jalapeno jelly sounds incredible and so does the oreo ice cream and the savings, and well....ALL OF IT!! Would be so much fun to hang out with you.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lisa x