Friday, May 16, 2014

Frugal Friday 5-16

*We've been eating asparagus and rhubarb.

*Used 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for chalk spray paint for rehearsal decoration idea (I'll be sharing the rehearsal pics in June...hopefully I remember to take pics!)

*cut crab apple blossoms to bring inside in a vase. so pretty and just makes me smile

*Three 8 oz blocks of cheese for 99¢ each. We like snacking on cheese and crackers and sometimes that is our supper, so this was a great buy for us.

*Earned $10 in swagbucks

*downloaded free books from Bookbub

*rec'd a free book from Blogging for Books to review

*downloaded free cutting files from Miss Kate Cuttables and Images by Heather

*saved a shirt by searching how to remove oil stains and it worked

*used free Amazon swagbucks to order supplies for decorating rehearsal supper

*took food with us when we attended Benjamin's graduation. Trip is 4.5 hours away.  We only ate one meal out and fed 4 people on $11...not bad for 2 days.

*Benjamin gave us 2 boxes of crackers and several boxes of granola bars that he had gotten free. These will come in handy for quick eating/energy while we are busy getting ready for a wedding.

*Benjamin also brought some leftover food from his apartment to share with us.

*been being frugal and food shopping VERY little and using what is in the freezer/pantry, etc.

*downloaded book from Bookbub

*checked books out from library

*watched movies on Netflix (youngest has a subscription)

*3 lb bag of boneless, frozen chicken breast for $4.99

*was at Walmart right when they were marking down (and loading fresh) strawberries from $1.88 to 98¢!! Bought 7 of them. Cleaned some to take with us when we went to graduation, froze some and made a strawberry salad and strawberry limeades.


  1. Nice job, Debbie. Great prices on strawberries, cheese and chicken! Plus, the milk you mentioned in your comment.

    Thanks also for your affirmation of the college potlucks. They were a lot of work, but I know the students really appreciated them!