Monday, August 26, 2013

Pinned It Made It Monday

This pin is courtesy of my 21 year old son. He sent me a link to a birthday cake he wanted me to make for him... Chocolate Turtle Cake. He refuses to go to Pinterest, but I pinned the link he sent me, so now it IS on Pinterest. Ü The recipe calls for a cake mix, but he wondered if it would be "too hard" to make a German chocolate cake from scratch. So I headed to Pinterest and found THIS one.

We had to celebrate his birthday a week early on the 16th (his bd is the 23rd) as he was headed back to college the next day. Hard to believe he is going to be a senior! But he is far from being done with school, since med school will be next. I sent all that was left over with him.

Just a personal note: As of Friday we are now empty nesters...we do NOT like it! I cried on the way home, most of Saturday (sobbing really as I was walking, the people I met probably thought I was loony). It is not fun. I KNOW that this is what we raised them for, it is not natural to not leave home, but 21 years of our lives has been wrapped around our boys. We love having our kids close. We are so very proud of the young men they have become and love them very much. We are just very lonely right now.

On a happier note...Benjamin is engaged! We could not be happier. Kassy is a sweetheart and we are so excited and blessed to have her join our family. She asked if I would help with some of their wedding plans, so I will be busy doing that...which is a VERY good thing!

One more note...I did not go back to school. Lots of factors played into that decision. It was very hard, but after making it, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, so I know I did the right thing. Where do I go from here? Not sure. Right now I am delivering meals on wheels part time and we will see where God leads next.

I am linking this up to Country Girl at Home for her Pinned It Made It Monday challenge.


  1. oh my, what a gorgeous son you have there!! Sorry your hearts are breaking being empty nesters....I don't like thinking ahead to those years...but it is good your family is growing and change never ends I guess! Maybe someday you'll be grandparents after all that schooling! ;) What is Aaron going for?! Hope you find happiness in your new free time...I'm glad you are finding peace in your decision! ...maybe you can send me cards! :D BIG HUGS!!!!!

  2. Life is a journey Debbie, and it sounds like you are on the right track. I am still trying to find mine. I keep hitting detours! lol You can pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job of raising your boys. Not an easy job nowdays. I am so glad you are not working at school anymore. You don't need all that added stress. Now... take a deep breath...lean back... and just enjoy the ride :)