Monday, July 9, 2012

Give Thanks for EVERYTHING

I recently ordered 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and it isn't a quick read, but it is very good and deep. The main point is that we need to find little things to be greatful for and by recording them, we have a much more peaceful and stress free life. That doesn't mean stress won't enter our lives, but we don't give in to it like we used to.

As some of you know, I've been getting ready for CHA. It's been crazy around here as the product for my classes didn't arrive until later than expected and it was rush rush getting everything done and Fed Exed today! I had left a mess on the dining room table and had to get the boxes to Kearney (1.5 ish hours away) to Fed Ex and checked in before noon. So I planned to clean up when I got home.

I had several last minute things I needed to get in Kearney and Grand Island so got those all marked off my list and got a disaster! I wish I could say I entered with a happy heart, but I am human and didn't.

As I was grumbling about the mess, God reminded me of what I had been reading and to start making a thankful here is my thankful list

thankful that I even own a home to be messed up
thankful that I have 2 boys to make a mess (esp since I miscarried 4 babies)
thankful that I have ketchup to be out (even on the floor???)
thankful that I have dishes to be dirtied
thankful that I have food to make a mess with in the house
thankful for my son that knows how to and likes to cook
thankful to have clothes even if they are all over the floor
thankful for a laundry basket even if it doesn't get used
thankful that I am able to wash dishes
thankful that even though it looked like a disaster walking in, it only took 20 minutes to clean up

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  1. Sounds like you turned a really bad situation into a much more positive one. We should all try to remember the small things sometimes, thanks for the reminder!