Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

We have had the strangest winter. I hope it truly is gone and spring is here to stay. There have been record highs, record tornados in Feb! and other records set this year already.
A record here is that this gorgeous crab apple tree only blooms on May 1st then the blooms are off a couple days later. It bloomed out yesterday on April 1st a whole month earlier.

The blossoms smell soooo good! I'm going to cut a few and put into a vase to enjoy them inside as well as long as I can! (which is only a couple of days)

Our pear tree is also LOADED with blooms! This poor thing is going to be so full of pears the branches will be laying on the ground.

My tulips are even blooming and they have NEVER bloomed til May!

It was also the perfect day to wash all the bedding and blankets. I love living in the country where we can put the laundry out on the clothesline.


  1. Oh my, how beautiful your trees are. Isn't it wonderful when everything starts to bloom? We have a freezing day here today, winter is back. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, I wish Spring would come to Canada....he he

  2. All of your pics are just incredible! I absolutely love all the flowers and I can almost smell them from here! (we're still under snow) but seeing your flowers makes me hopeful! I also love putting my quilts and bedding on the line. We don't live in the country (although I'd love to) my clothesline gets tons of use all summer long!

  3. oh my gorgeousness! LOVE your trees! So wish we had some fruit trees...beautiful now and delish later! ;)