Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Consider Yourself Hugged

The theme this week for Tombow is Hugs. The fun thing about this challenge is that you can make a card/project for any occasion or the best occasion...."just because". Can't we all use a hug?

Cutting Cafe has a Hershey Kiss shaped box that I thought would be perfect for my project this week. I cut the box with watercolor paper and made raspberry stripes with Dual Brush Pen #837 Wine Red.

**Tip: to sponge edges to match ink color; color on plastic with Dual Brush Pen and pick up with a sponge, then sponge the edges. 

I used Mono Multi glue on the tabs to glue the box together. I stamped 0031D Consider Yourself from Inky Antic's and adhered it with Mono Adhesive Permanent to the box.

Then just filled cello bag with Hershey Raspberry Hugs and tied off with a bow. Wouldn't this just brighten your day...."just because"?


  1. Okay now this is SOOOO CUTE! I love your creativity on this one Debbie!

  2. That is such a CUTE box, Debbie!! It makes me happy, 'cause I make Pretzel Buttons today, and used Hugs, rather than my usual kisses. ;)

  3. cute idea....but the thought of raspberry hugs?! UGH!!
    I'm sure you will brighten someone's day though....you are always doing thoughtful gifts! :)