Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Been Busy

I have been so busy working on orders lately. I just finished 40 bridal shower invites, scrapbook for a teacher (there was a deadline so no pics) and 80 of these for a student.

Creating all of this while battling bronchitis has been tough, but so glad they are now all done. I'm also doing a craft show Saturday (must be nuts Ü) at the Hobby Shack in Broken Bow for those of you who are local. I just finished 50 mini notepads, a bunch of cards, Easter bags and other goodies. It's 10-4 if you can make it.

Monday nite was honor banquet. Here is Aaron receiving a certificate and gold star for all A's.


  1. those invites rock! Love them! You've been busy! Sorry the bronchitis got you! :(
    BIG HUGS! ...and congrats to Aaron!!

  2. Very cool fun!! Congratulations to Aaron as well!! Awesome!!