Saturday, September 11, 2010

On Location

Joanna challenged the DT members this week to create something about our home town. Comstock's population was about 67-ish. We've had some people move in, so not sure what it is now. We actually live in the country.

My project is of a picture I took in Comstock's flower garden. This garden is almost one full block by 1/2 block. It is absolutely gorgeous and ONE woman pretty much takes care of it herself! AMAZING!!

Comstock has one main street that is 4 blocks long and the flower garden is my favorite part.

This is the photo I took:

and here is my card after playing around in my software. I muted the edges and then added the sentiment. I love how it turned out:

I used Tombow's Mono-Adhesive Permanent to put the card together.


  1. OMG your card is beautiful. I had no idea your town was THAT small. Man that is the country, how the cows holding up?

  2. gorgeous garden and card!! I want to see a photo of your *main street* ...that is just amazing!!

    We just saw a photo from my in-law's trip to MT....population 10!!

    We have about 1200 in our village.

  3. so pretty!! love what you did with the image, I'll have to try this sometime!