Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Pantry Challenge

In January, I followed some others in a pantry challenge. The challenge was to eat as much as possible just from what is in your pantry/freezer and buy as little as possible. I knew I wanted to try it again this summer, so I've decided that June is that month. My goal is to only buy items that are dairy, fresh fruit and veggies and staples, like flour, sugar etc.

I will keep you all updated with our meals and share recipes when I can and also how much I spend on groceries for the month of June. If you would like to join me, please let me know and keep me updated on how you are doing.

The boys are in TX this week working at a camp getting it ready for campers. Meals have been light since they left early Saturday morning.

Today I ate out with mom (she paid) for lunch and I'm not sure what Bruce ate, but probably leftovers or cereal.

For supper I made grilled chicken which had been marinated in lite Catalina dressing, lettuce salad with tomato and shredded cheese and garlic bread made with homemade bread.

I hope to get back to stamping this week. I had big plans and they've all changed for what my week looks like.

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  1. oooh...sorry your plans have changed!! Hope nothing bad has popped up!!

    I had a productive day yesterday...am ready for today's workshop. I hope to keep it up...I have 18 cards in orders waiting in the wings and then have a 14 garden buddy brick order to fill...along with a graduation card yet. Got my sympathy one made last night. Ready or not, I've been pulling my mojo out from hiding...in a way it's a struggle, but in another way it feels good! :)