Monday, March 29, 2010

BFB: An Absent So Great & give-away

 by Jane Kirkpatrick. This book is a sequel to A Flickering Light. These books are based on the life of Kirkpatrick's grandmother Jessie.

As the story opens, Jessie Ann Gaebele is eighteen, and is working as an assistant to photographers who have become ill from mercury poisoning. She has left home because of a strong attraction she had for her former married boss.

I love that this is based on a true story, even though Jane added some fictional characters to fill in the blanks of her grandmother's story. My favorite parts of the book are the actual photos take by Jessie and the stories behind each photo. It will make me look at photos (esp old ones) in a whole new light.

If you like history, you will want to read this book to see how an 18 year old female makes it in a "man's" world. You will also learn what becomes of her former boss who was several years older than her and the scandal of what a relationship was like at that time of history.

I haven't read the first book and now want to, to see what happened (even though it is illuded to) for Jessie to have left her home on her own to accomplish her dream of owning her own photography business.

**Would you like to read this book? I have one to give as blog candy. Just leave a message here and I will draw a name around 7 pm CST Wednesday, March 31.


  1. This sounds like an interesting book. I would love to read it. Like you I will end up having to get the first book too.

  2. This does look an interesting book. I will have to go looking for the first book.

  3. Hi Debbie! I would really enjoy reading this! You gave just enough story line to peak my interest! :)

  4. this sounds like an amazing book- would love to win am half way through a Jeffery Deaver so I will be looking for something a bit lighter to read next as I always have books on the go and love mystery and old world - will be looking for it and the first one in the bookshop