Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sixteen years ago....

I gave birth to my first son. WOW! Where does the time go? Why does it go slow when we are young and FLIES by when we grow older ~ and flies faster and faster every year?

Also, why is it I can remember every detail of his birth, but can't find my grocery list (or whatever)?

So... Happy Birthday Benjamin! I hope time moves very slow from now on out! I'm not ready for you to leave home in two years!!


  1. Wow Debbie! We just celebrated Jeff's 17th Birthday yesterday (the 22nd)!! I didn't know our boys are 1 day and 1 year apart. Jeff headed to Grand Island with friends to celebrate today! I agree that the time just flies by. Makes me sad :-(

  2. Oh, Debbie...somehow I missed this post. 16! Wow...that is like HUGE! I always think 16 is where they really start to show independence and start preparing us (the parents) for them leaving. :(
    Waaaaaaaaahhh! I don't want my babies to grow up. I keep telling Maeve to stop getting older...she has her own agenda. Orla keeps saying stuff like "when I grow I am going to move to California to be an actress..." Or to Nashville to be a singer...or...I keep telling her that she is not miving and she also needs to stop growing up. She very patiently tells me "Mooooom! I have to grow up!"
    waaaaahhh! Of course, I don't really wish this...because with Declan we imagine what it would be like if he were a typical 11 yr old. oooohhh easy things would be.

  3. Happy Birthday Ben! Mine is only 6....but I can feel the years slipping by SO FAST. I try to enjoy every moment....even the yucky ones!! LOL!

  4. No way!
    Benjamin is 16?!
    Mom ... it really doesn't start going slower right now ... hang on! *wink*