Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sock Swap

This was a fun sounding swap that I read about on the Papercrafts website. It's called a sock swap. You buy a pair of socks and $5- $6 in matching embellishments. Make a coordinating card and package it all together in a matching/coordinating bag or some kind of packaging. I thought this sounded fun and presented this idea to my on line friend Melissa. Here is what I sent to her today...The socks were purchased at Dollar Tree. They had the funnest socks! You can't tell in the picture very well, but there are flowers on the soles of the socks with green and turquoise ribbing. Then I found the matching notepad, pen and notecards there and just had to go with it! The primas are from my LSS and the ribbon is some that I had on hand. I went over the dollar amount abit, but just had to put it all together. The flowers on the card are made with my Cricut again (love that bug!). I used loops of green sheer polka dot ribbon for leaves. Melissa, I hope you love this! Ü
Anyone else want to do this type of swap with me? Just send me an e-mail Ü
Remember you can click on the picture to see the detail better.
I took my friend Gloria to lunch the other day and she was asking me how I store my stamps. I will take a picture in the next couple of days and post it here. I always like to see how others store their stamp items.


  1. how cool! this looks really fun to do:) I really like all your matching items

  2. Hi Debbie,
    You have a nive blog! What a fun swap, I like the colours. I'll visit again soon.

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for checking in on me! We're drying out and praying the rain stays away! Glad you are all okay but geez, that's alotta water!! Hang in there!

    I love this idea of the sock swap, so fun!

  4. Very fun! I'm sure that your friend will love it!!

  5. I'd to do a swap like this, it sounds like so much fun!!! Let me know if you decide to do this again!!!

  6. What a great idea. I love what you did with the swap.


  7. What a fabulous idea! It would work really well for blog candy too!