Sunday, August 6, 2017

Teenager Sunshine Basket

A week ago, I made a couple of "sunshine" baskets. If you are new to my blog, a Sunshine Basket is a basket filled with lots of yellow goodies to bring cheer to someone for whatever reason. This basket was for a teenager in our church who was having major surgery. I tried to find fun things I thought a teenage girl would like and hope she enjoyed all the goodies. The yellow was really hard to photo for some reason, but you get the idea from the following pictures.
This is a notepad holder I made with a yellow pocket folder. You can get two holders out of one folder. I will show the other one I made for her mom in the next post.
   I made the pom pom paperclip and show it inside the folder to show that there is a pocket.
 fun yellow goodies I found to add to the basket:

a yellow straw because....drink are just more fun with a straw

I found these at Dollar General and they were just too cute and how could they not cheer someone
This was really hard to photo, but this is a rubber band bracelet.

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