Tuesday, January 19, 2016

500 Things Decluttering Challenge

I subscribe to Money Saving Mom (I highly suggest this site as she has so many frugal tips, special buys, etc and has helped me save a lot of money on things I otherwise would not have known about and would have paid a higher price).

She posted a few days ago about a gal that is hosting a 500 Things Decluttering Challenge in 14 days. MSM is posting what the challenge is on her blog and keeping a running tally of the things she is purging from her home. I decided this falls under my word for the year {simplify} and I wanted to do it as well. This started on the 11th.

Here are the challenges for the days so far in case you would like to play along. Be sure to subscribe to Money Saving Mom to get the daily challenges. I will also be posting them every few days here as well. I've added the links to the posts from Money Saving Mom in case you want to read more about each challenge.

Day 1 100 pieces of paper Right now I'm at 210 pieces of paper. I decided for a month, I'm going to try to find the number of pieces to throw away for that day. So for Jan 1st I threw away one, Jan 2, two, etc.
Day 2: 25 items from your bedroom done
Day 3: clean off counter tops We basically have no counter tops. Our kitchen is very small and we have a 14" space on both sides of the kitchen sink and then my Hoosier Cabinet, but I try to keep that cleaned off so I can use it when cooking baking. My Kitchen-aid sits out at all times and I can pull out the shelf thingy on the Hoosier to give me more room esp when serving food when we have company and for rolling out cinnamon rolls, baking, etc. We do keep tea, chai, hot chocolate etc on the top of the Hoosier so I decided to clean that all off and find another space for them. I did declutter the area, but didn't get rid of anything, so am not counting anything on this. We use all the items I have on the top of the Hoosier.
Day 4: 50 things from your home office done
Day 5: 25 items from your pantry done
Day 6: 50 things from kitchen drawers and cupboards
Day 7: clean out the garage and basement

I don't have all of these done yet, as I started a couple of days late and am battling a head cold, but I will keep a running tab on what all I get rid of and post.

so far...310 items...I'm on day 6 today and it's WAY too cold to go outside to do day 7, but supposed to be warmer this weekend, so will tackle that then.

Here is a great quote as a reminder while decluttering...

"have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." - william morris.

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