Friday, February 6, 2015

Frugal Friday 2-6-15

I'm challenging myself to buy as VERY little in food as possible to see if I can spend less than last month. I would like to just be able to buy milk and eggs, but if there is a really good deal where it doesn't seem frugal to not stock up on that item, then I may go ahead and get it.

*finally earned enough points to get something worth getting from Kellogg's Family Rewards: a pair of earbuds. They are iLuv brand (which I know nothing about) but seem to be very nice. I can use them with my Kindle.

You  can go HERE to join if you eat any Kellogg's products (we eat a lot of crackers), there is a code inside the box and you just go to the website and enter your code to earn points.

*earned $5 in Bing Rewards. You can only get $5 month if you do searches every day and it takes less than a minute to do. If you are interested click HERE.

*free movies in Comstock on Friday and Saturday's. I usually go if nothing else is going on. These are movies that have already come out on DVD

*1 1/2 pkgs of blueberries free
*milk $3.55, this isn't a GREAT deal, but better than over $4
*2 free bananas. I bought 2 bananas the past 2 weeks (1 a week) and they were 24¢ each and then got 25¢ back per banana through C51
*"bought" a punch and 2 designer paper pads with my swagbucks and paid nothing Ü
*used a 40% off coupon for a round plastic tablecloth for a bridal shower. I will keep using them for each one I need until I have enough. Shower is in March and this is a way I can cut the cost down.

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