Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Broken Bow Notepad

I used some school themed paper to make this notepad. I cut the 2 "B's" with my Cricut.

I went to camp last week on Tues-Fri to cook for our youth group kids who were working there to get the camp ready for campers on Monday. I came home to 3 boxes of product to cut, sort, bag et for CHA. After learning of the accident minutes after it happened on Friday, I just haven't felt like doing anything. I finally sat down yesterday and started cutting. I will really have to push myself now as I have little time to get it all done, but it was theraputic, so will keep on.

I may not be on here much, but will try to update you all that are praying for Chad...he is slowly improving. It is very slow going, but each little improvement is a blessing.

The Blum and Sherbeck families will be laying their loved ones to rest. Please continue to pray for these families as well as the 3 boys and their families who remain hospitalized.

thank you for all your kind notes of encouragement and prayers, please don't stop praying. We need to bring all our boys home. There is still so much healing to be had.

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  1. Everyone that has been involved has been constantly in my thoughts and prayers. We cannot forget the emergency workers that arrived at the scene and had to take care of things - they need out prayers also.