Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bold and Bright Paper Bag Album

**Edited to add: There is still time to guess what product and company I used in this post. The product has been guessed, but not the company. Ü

Here is a fun paper bag album I made with the plan to put pictures of my youngest son and all his goofy faces and costumes he used to make when he was little. I am thinking since the paper and so bold and bright I will print all my pictures black and white.

To make the album, just fold paper bags in half (I used lunch sacks) and alter the openings on the ends so they are every other one. Then  I just sew down the center and cover each page, making pockets as I go.

I use Tombow's Mono Adhesive Power Bond to adhere the papers to the bag and Stamp Runner Permanent Adhesive to adhere paper to paper.


Pages 1 & 2

Pages 1 & 2 with pocket pull outs

Pages 3 & 4

Pages 5 & 6

Pages 5 & 6 pocket pull outs

Pages 7 & 8

Pages 7 & 8 pocket pull outs

Pages 9 & 10

Pages 9 & 10 Pocket Pull outs


When I'm done decorating I tie ribbon to the center and add tied knots to the outside of the album.

I hope this fun project inspires you to try a paper bag album. Ü


  1. LOVE these papers Debbie and this album looks FABULOUS!!!!

  2. So cute!!! What a great way to use up scraps, also. Thanks for sharing and taking pictures of each of the pages! Super fun.

  3. Oh dearest Debbie,
    What a fun surprise to find a package in the mail, especially when I wasn't expecting one. You are so very creative.....I loved it all! What a blessing you are to have sent something even when you knew I wasn't going to participate in the 'Nest Swap'.....thank you so have no idea how that just made my day! Blessings!

  4. This is great! I so want to make one of these some day.

  5. Your album looks fantastic, Debbie...and I love all of your wonderful & colorful pages!! I've never tried one of these, but they look like a lot of fun to create!!