Monday, August 23, 2010

Season the Day

I just love these girl chef images from Inky Antics. Maybe it's because I love to cook and bake, but they are just too cute.

Today is the first day of school for Aaron and me. I will be working with High School resource students again this year. Along with all the math classes I will be in Speech and freshman English (split for the week as we are short on paras this year due to a larger number of students we are working with).

I look forward to meeting my students that will be new to me (the freshmen and any new to our school students).

Today is going to be a tough one as this is the first time in 18 years that we haven't spent Benjamin's birthday with him.

When we took him to college last week, we left gifts for him to be able to open today as well as a gift card to Pizza Hut for him and his friends and he is to pick up a cake at Safeway that I prepaid for him.

I am looking forward to calling him tomorrow to wish him a Happy Birthday!


  1. Hi Debbie -
    Cute card! Since you are always cooking/baking isn't it about time you share a recipe? Wasn't there a dressing or something you were going to share when we went and visited Pam? I am feeling about the same as you missing our boys
    :( Hang in there Mama!!

  2. aww...look at fun for him to have pressies to open and a cake even! Thinking ahead you are!! :)

    Cute card! ....and as for recipes....I'm with Gail....excepting I want mine in book form!! LOL! ;) Someday we'll get it together!!!