Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Christmas!

Well, not yet, but it will be here before you know it! Today's CSAYL challenge is hosted by Vicki. Her challenge was to create a card using *traditional* colors: red, green and a splash of silver and gold.
For my card I used Making Handmade Cards' Bella and Christmas Doodle sets.
Bella: :Bella #37 & #52
Christmas Doodle: Doodle x-mas 02

This is a super easy card to make and the digi prints and images make it even easier! I colored with pencil colors and added some glitter to the top of the tree.
I'm the kind of person that always wonders "why?", so I ask WHY are Christmas *traditional* colors red and green (with gold or silver)? We celebrate Christmas because of Jesus and He was born in a stable/manger (brown-wood/mustard-y straw), wrapped in swaddling cloth (white or off white), so why aren't those colors traditional? Okay, I've probably just lost some subscribers thinking I'm insane, but that's okay. Just wondering.


  1. This is so cute!!! Great take on the sketch. I love that image!! Hugs, Cathy

  2. What a fun card! Fits the challenge perfectly!

  3. Hey Debbie! Love that Christmas tree with a bit of bling to it!! Such a pretty card. . .you did awesome with this week's challenge. Keep up the great work!

    Good question. . why is Christmas red and green and sometimes gold and silver? I wonder who came up with those colors? I may just need to look it up online. . got me curious! LOL!


  4. FUN tree! Great job on traditional Christmas color challenge!

  5. I like your glitter!

    Answer: because some *MAN* made it up! My point exactly as to why we don't celebrate Christmas on a day that some *MAN* decided Jesus was born on, in a way that some *MAN* decided was necessary (presents). How better to show respect to the birth of Christ than to SERVE Him EVERY day from the heart, which would also cause us to show that kind of love to our neighbors/family EVERY day of the year?!