Monday, October 27, 2008

I'll be back soon

We are on fall break and have alot going on. I did do lots of stamping on Saturday so will try to get everything photographed and preposted so that you have something to look at all week. Ü

I have had some e-mails asking how Benjamin did at state. He placed 77th which was his worse time of the year at 19:30. It was the day after we had gotten snow and it was very cold. He had been battling a cold all week and the conditions were terrible for someone with asthma. He said the cold air burned his lungs before he even ran. However, if you've been with me for a year, you will know that he placed last a year ago due to stepping in a hole at the beginning of the run. So he improved a great deal from 94th to 77th. That doesn't make him feel a whole lot better as he is bummed with his time, but I told him it's okay. According to the time he had before, if he would have been able to breathe, he would have placed about 44th. We had one girl and one boy medal and lots of injuries, so it was a tough year for the kids. I am making cinnamon rolls today and feeding the state qualifiers breakfast at the school tomorrow. Hopefully this will boost their spirits a bit.

Another thing going g'pa is dying. He hasn't eaten for several days now. One of the nurses said "he has forgotten how to swallow and that this is normal when the days are numbered". His lungs are filling up and he is really "rattle-y" so I am guessing he also has pneumonia. Yesterday we were told it's just a matter of time. The "Millsap's" have very strong hearts and live long lives, so it's taking longer I guess for his body to give out. The last conversation I had with g'pa was a few weeks ago and he told me "I want to go", I was worried that he thought I was taking him home, so asked him "where do you want to go?" and he said "I want to be with her" (meaning g'ma). It was so hard as they were a couple that just did about everything together. So to be left behind when one dies is more than they can take.

Didn't mean to leave on a sad note, but it's just kinda where I am right now. Today is the last day of fall break and I have LOTS to do. It's also Parent/Teacher conference and one of the perks of working at the school is that I can just talk to the teachers there, so I don't have to drive 60 miles for them to tell me that my 4.0 student is "very quiet (ha! they should live with me for a day Ü), knows the work, works hard, etc". I am thankful that he is such a good student and am glad to know he CAN be quiet! LOL!!

Check back later today and hopefully I will have something uploaded to inspire you.


  1. Aw, Debbie...I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. But he will be so happy when he is reunited with his true love!
    Too bad about Benjamin too. Cinnamon buns would definitely lift my spirits...of course that's probably why I can't run down my driveway without getting out of breath! LOL!
    I hope that you are feeling better.

  2. just thinking about you...hang in there!! ((hugs))