Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

FINALLY! I've been trying since yesterday to post and yesterday I couldn't post at all and today it hasn't been letting me upload!

So here is what I was trying to post yesterday.
First the story...

I do up the holidays really BIG for the boys, have ever since they were born. Every year for Valentine's Day, I would make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and then come up with different heart shaped goodies and/or meals for the rest of the day...cookies, cakes, pizza, muffins, bread, etc. Well last year, I thought I would surprise them and do something different for breakfast. I made heart shaped toast and "x"'s and "o"'s eggs. Well, according to Aaron, I "ruined" his Valentine's day and he has not let me forget it ALL year. So, yesterday, I made heart-shaped pancakes. If you look closely you can still see the steam. Ü I also made these fun pretzels. Yes, I know I have all "boys", but when I saw these sprinkles at Jo-Ann Fabrics AND had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my purse, well, I just had to get them. Ü Needless, to say, even though they were pink and brown, they disappeared very quickly. Ü


  1. Debbie,
    Your so funny, I love your heart shaped pancakes and I think its great that you do those special things for your boys. Years later when their older, they will remember all the little things you did to make holidays special.