Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Gift that Keeps Giving

This is the other Tombow challenge I was telling you about that had me stumped. The only thing I could think of was organ donation and Sharron said "no" to that. Ü So it was back to the drawing board....what to do.

I came across these free printables and thought that this gift "keeps giving" (fresh breath for every mint) LOL! Well, it works doesn't it? Ü

For the front I wrapped cardstock around the Tic Tacs and used Tombow's Mono Adhesive Permanent. I colored the image with Dual Brush Tip Pens: 977, 856, 905, & 491. To make the polka dots on the hat and scarf, I made the dots with the glue pen and let it dry then colored the images. The glue acts as a resist and is fun to add designs to an otherwise plain image.
Here is the cute saying on the back:


  1. Oh this is totally cute! ;) Hugs x

  2. You did a great job with the challenge, Debbie!! The snowman is so cute, and that saying cracks me up!! Great resist technique too!!