Saturday, February 23, 2008

A card, recipe and endorsement...

First the card. Here is scrap pile card #5. The white panel was stamped a long time ago and was in my pile. I added the rub on (SU!'s SAB) verse to tone down the wild pattern. Ü

Now for the recipe. The Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings were YUMMY! Here is the recipe as promised. Sorry it took so long and thank you for the reminder e-mails asking me about it. Ü

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings
2 cans crescent rolls
2 apples
2 sticks butter (we used margarine and will cut this down next time)
2 cups sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1 can Mt Dew

Preheat oven to 350*. Core and slice apples. Wrap each in a crescent triangle. Line up in a 9 x 13 pan. Melt butter, cinnamon and sugar together. Spread mixture over dumplings. Pour soda around perimeter. Bake 45 minutes. Eat warm with scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Endorsement: I RARELY endorse movies, but when I see a REALLY good one, I just wanna shout it out. We are very picky about not only what WE watch, but what we let the boys watch. It is hard to find really good FAMILY movies and we watched one last nite. It is Game Plan rated PG. I must have missed something, cuz I'm not sure why it was PG. I thought it was funnier than the "guys", but then what do they know about a "bedazzler" LOL!!! Anyway, if you haven't seen it, it is a fun movie for the family.

On the home front...
Benjamin is sick (AGAIN!!!) and I feel like I'm having a relapse. I've been coughing really deep and then get to where I can barely get my breath. I am DETERMINED to NOT end up in the hospital this year. So, I've been taking today REALLY slow and hopefully can get this bronchitis (which I have a feeling is now bronchial pneumonia) beat!! I am so hoping we all don't get as sick as were were before. Bruce and the boys were just getting over theirs. Hopefully, Benjamin will heal really fast without anyone else getting it again.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Well from Big Sis

Look what my big sis on SCS sent me! This adorable get well card! See those bubble things on the right corner? She even sent me some of those!! She says they are crystals by Mark Richards. I've never seen them or heard of them, but what fun!

She also flocked the flowers on the blanket. Toooo cute!

Thanks Big Sis!!!!

Mojo Puppy Scrap pile card #4

Have I told you all how much I love this puppy? LOL!! For those of you who know I am NOT a dog person, you may wonder why, but this little guy is just toooo cute! I have two left to make into cards and then I will have to go on to something else (sad sigh).
This was made for Julee on Poetic Artistry's blog Mojo Monday sketch challenge. I love her sketch's and have never been able to get one done "on time". This looks so much better IRL. The colors are very rich and go together alot better than it looks here (really!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Dirty Dozen Challenge

I love doing these challenges with the past and present Dirty Dozen girls on SCS.

For my image, I used one designed by Anna Wight. I love Anna's work for Whipper Snapper! When I started out, this was going to be a card, but then remembered I had this burgundy frame, so went that route. Not much too it as I didn't know if punces were allowed (for photo corners), so didn't add any embellishments except for the ribbon. It seems like it needs more, so I may take it apart and add sewing and photo corners. But right now I had to get it posted as we need to leave pretty soon and I had library this morning.

Here was the criteria for this month's challenge:

Challenge Focus: Stamps Designed by Fellow Dirty Girls. -OR- alternate option - use any fellow Dirty Girl's galllery creation as an inspiration to semi-CASE something of your own (be sure to link it in your post). This image is from Dirty Girl Anna Wight for Whipper Snapper.

Required Element: Spring Color Combo - whatever feels like Spring to you! I am not a pastel person. Aaron is telling me this isn't spring since it has pumpkins in it, but green (new grass), orange, yellow and red (my tulips) and brown (chocolate Ü) all say spring to me.
Restricted Element: NO CuttleBug/Big Shot/Wizard or similar diecut/embossing machines. This isn't hard until you are told you CAN'T do it, then you want to. LOL!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scrap Pile Challenge cards

Here is a picture I took of a pile of scraps, odds and ends of a little of everything that I want to get rid of. So I am challenging myself to try and use as much of it up as possible. The next few cards I post this week will be what I have created from this pile. The only thing I am allowing myself to use are images that are already stamped that I have stamped myself or others have sent me (I have a ziploc bag full of these that I take with me to color when I know I am going to be "waiting"-like for appt's or mostly for Benjamin when picking him up from track practice), 1/4 sheets of cs already embossed (mostly from Cuttlebug), solid cs from my scrap box and white cs to make the card base. Oh, I am also letting myself use verse stamp sets too.

Here are two that I have done so far (plus I also made the sketch challenge card from my scrap pile). I absolutely LOVE this puppy! My Big Sis (from SCS) sent me a few images and I think I have one left! I also love these little pearl thingies too! They have adhesive on them, so all you have to do is stick them on. Makes for some really fun accents. This Bella gardener is another image RAK I rec'd (can't remember from who), but I have been having fun with the ones in my bag, coloring them and getting them put on cards! The strip pieces on both cards are what was left over from last weeks Techno sketch challenge.

Technostamper Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge #5

I am having some major issues with blogspot. I keep getting error messages and am unable to upload. It's getting very frustrating for me as I don't know and can't find out why this is happening.
So while it is working, I am going to upload a few things I've been working on. First, here is the Monday challenge card that Mary Jo hosts ( Be sure to see what everyone else did with this sketch.

The verse is cut apart from a new stamp set by SU! called Full of Life that will be in the next mini. I was able to use this stamp set thanks to a special demo ;). Green patterned paper is by SU! and other is Basic Grey. Solid green is Old Olive by SU!

Here's hoping I can get some more uploaded.

Monday, February 18, 2008

wanna sneak peak?

I saw this thread on SCS where someone took a picture of some items in the Inky Antic booth at CHA and 4 of my cards are showcased there! WOW! I just got all excited all over again. LOL!!
Anyway if you scroll down, my cards are the chicken ones. I would love to hear what you think.

No school today, so not sure if I will get any stamping done. Benjamin loves to cook/bake when he is home and he is making a cherry pie now and then we are going to make Mountain Dew Dumplings (new recipe-I will share if it is good Ü) and he is also going to make Blackberry Dumplings. I will share the recipe later as he made most of it up a couple of weeks ago and was soooo yummy! I told him he had to measure everything out this time as there are others who want the recipe. Ü (BTW he is 15)

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

FINALLY! I've been trying since yesterday to post and yesterday I couldn't post at all and today it hasn't been letting me upload!

So here is what I was trying to post yesterday.
First the story...

I do up the holidays really BIG for the boys, have ever since they were born. Every year for Valentine's Day, I would make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and then come up with different heart shaped goodies and/or meals for the rest of the day...cookies, cakes, pizza, muffins, bread, etc. Well last year, I thought I would surprise them and do something different for breakfast. I made heart shaped toast and "x"'s and "o"'s eggs. Well, according to Aaron, I "ruined" his Valentine's day and he has not let me forget it ALL year. So, yesterday, I made heart-shaped pancakes. If you look closely you can still see the steam. Ü I also made these fun pretzels. Yes, I know I have all "boys", but when I saw these sprinkles at Jo-Ann Fabrics AND had a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my purse, well, I just had to get them. Ü Needless, to say, even though they were pink and brown, they disappeared very quickly. Ü

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have been reading on other blogs about words or phrases some have "adopted" for the year 2008. I have found this very interesting as I thought I was the only one that did it. While I may not always make New Year's resolutions, I do ask God to give me a verse, song or word to be just mine for that new year. I LOVE music!!!!! (Contemporary Christian) I can't sing "worth a hoot" but love to LISTEN to music and sing to my heart's content when no one is listening. God has used music to get my attention, comfort me, etc in the past and I have many songs that are very special to me. I have shared with some of you how when I was going thru my brain tumor experience, EVERY time we were headed to see a different doctor, Twila Paris' song "God is in Control" would come on the radio. We had to travel far to some of the specialists and listened to different Christian radio stations. I already knew the song as I believe we have ALL of Twila's cassette tapes. But the cool thing was, is that we haven't heard a Twila Paris song played for quite some time on any station's! Even that VERY early morning when we drove into the hospital parking lot, that song came on and I totally lost it. It was as if God was giving me those words personally. (okay, got to get to why I am posting here, cuz now I made myself cry! LOL!!0

So...with all that said, sometimes God gives me a song, sometimes a verse and sometimes, just a word. If you have been reading my blog and read my resolutions, you will have read that I want to use what I have and "BLESS" others. That is the word that I chose for 2008. And right after I chose that word I heard this song for the first time driving to pick Benjamin up from school. I had tears running down my face as I felt this was the song that God was giving me and it is a biggie! This is my song for 2008 and I pray that I can live up to the words. I am sharing them with you and I changed the words "we" "us" etc to singular form. So any words in parenthesis are the ones I changed. The actual words are plural. I like this song so much that I want to make a frame with them. I haven't started on that yet, but will share it when I do.

The Blessing by John Waller

Let it be said of (me)
While (I) walked among the living.
Let it be said of (me)
By the ones (I) leave behind.
Let it be said of (me)
That (I) lived to be a blessing for life.

Let it be said of (me)
That (I) gave to reach the dying.
Let it be said of (me)
By the fruit (I) leave behind.
Let it be said of (me)
That (my) legacy is blessing for life.

This day
You set life, you set death right before (me),
This day
Every blessing and curse is a choice now,
And (I) will choose to be a blessing for life.

Let it be said of (me)
That (my) heart belonged to Jesus.
Let it be said of (me)
That (I) spoke the words of life.
Let it be said of (me)
That (my) heritage is blessing for life.

This day
You set life, you set death right before (me),
This day
Every blessing and curse is a choice now,
And (I) will choose to be a blessing for life.
(I) will choose to be a blessing for life.

*Blessings and Curses are choices,
'Cause blessings and curses are choices.
Will (I) build up, tear down?
The moment of truth is now.*

This day
You set life, you set death right before (me),
This day
Every blessing and curse is a choice now,
And (I) will choose to be a blessing for life.
(I) will choose to be a blessing for life.

For your Kingdom, for (my) Children
For the sake of every nation
For your Kingdom, for (my) Children
For the sake of every nation

(I) will choose to be a blessing for life.
For life.
Blessing for life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Technostamper Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge #4

Okay, I'm a day late with this challenge. With all the on-line server issues we've had, I'm thankful to even be on-line!!

You can see what everyone else did, by checking out Mary Jo's blog.

stamps: Inky Antics & SU!
ink: tempting turquoise & old olive-SU!
paper: SU's tempting turquoise, old olive, whisper white, and patterned stripe that is discontinued
misc: solid eyelets-unknown, colored pencils and gamsol, scallop and circle punch-SU!

Altered Tootsie Roll Container

I have several things to show you, but the camera batteries are dead, so will have to wait til the batteries get charged up. So for now, will show you this Tootsie Roll container I altered.

paper: Rusy Pickle's Chocolate Kisses, Basic Grey's Infuse
"V" was cut with Cricut.
"Valentine" stamped with Karen Foster stamps
Other: ribbon-Making Memories, stickles, Tootsie Roll container, staples

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry about the "absence"

We have not had internet service for the past day and a half. It bugs me that we pay on time every month for "x" amount of minutes and yet I am having to call them continually, because we cannot get on line!!!! We live in the boonies and we only have ONE option for service. If we had another we would switch.
Okay, so on to who the winner is....
But, before I do I wanted to comment on a few of the guesses...
pregnant with a girl-at 43 yrs of age this would probably not be an exciting thing, but for me I would be ecstatic! But that would take a miracle as I had to have an emergency complete hysterectomy a few years ago.

Hawaiin cruise-oh yeah that would be a blast! Ü

SU! demo- I used to be one

Disneyland-my son would freak out if that were to happen. He has been begging to go to Disney, ever since he knew what Disney was! (some day it is my dream to make his dream come true)

So, if you have read this far, you really do want to know who one. LOL!!! the winner is.... (oh and you need to contact me with your snail addy by Wed early afternoon-let's say 1:00 CST or I will need to choose another name)

Oh WAIT! I forgot to tell you what the secret is...
I was asked to design 12 cards for Inky Antics with some new, images by Ronnie Walters. My cards were on display at CHA in Anaheim, CA. Maybe not big news to some, but I am so excited!!! I wish I could have been there! Jackie said she would take a picture, so hopefully I can show you later. I can't show you what I made, but I can tell you that I was asked to make the cards. Be sure to check out Inky Antics home page and download the Easter supplement. cute cute cute!!!

Okay, seriously now, the winner is...
Angel W said...
Are you getting your work published or joining a design team?
February 2, 2008 10:05 AM

Angel, please e-mail me and let me know your snail address and I will get your goodies in the mail to you right away.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Walrus birthday

Yesterday I rec'd some patterned papers, walrus image, and orange prima flowers and a challenge from Jennifer Langton. The challenge was to use all the elements and upload the card/project in the Inky Antics gallery.
I did use the 3 papers she sent (3rd paper is behind the image). Then I found this ribbon in my stash that matched perfectly! How cool was that? But I was needing a boy birthday card and just couldn't put the orange primas on it. So here is my "kinda" Doodle (Jen) challenge.
Walrus colored with colored pencils and gamsol. Happy Birthday is from SU!'s Everyday Flexible Phrases.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Candy comment

I want to thank all of you for your kind words in thinking my work is designer worthy. But in case you want to guess again (since so many of you are guessing the same thing), I have not been chosen to be on design team. Hopefully someday. Ü

Now for some home front news...
The "boys" (includes DH) are getting better. YAY!! We didn't have to take Aaron to the ER. Hopefully this is a sign that he is outgrowing his lung/sinus problem.

No school today. It is nice here, but since we send Benjamin to school 30 miles away, it can be as different as nite and day in the weather. We got a phone call early this morning that there was a late start due to ice. DH takes Benjamin to meet bus and sits there for about an hour!!! A neighbor had come by to see Bruce and I told him I was just getting ready to call someone to see where he was and he told me school had been cancelled (of which we were NOT informed). I called my SIL and she told me they were on their way home. I am thankful it was that and not in a ditch somewhere due to ice. We kinda live in the middle of no where and one would have to walk a LONG way to get to anybody's house!

So today will be a good day to stamp. I hope to have lots to show you. It's cloudy so not sure how good the lighting will be to take some pics of altered things I've been working on as well as the blog candy I am offering.

"Moose Be Love"

Isn't this moose adorable? This is one of the images I rec'd in a pkg from my Big Sis. I colored it right away, but then couldn't figure out what to do with it. I finally finished it up last night. The glittery brad was also in a pkg she sent me. I have to be good and not hoard them! Ü

Recipe: Whipper Snapper
stamp: paper: patterned Berry Bliss, white, Pretty in Pink, Positively Pink (retired) all SU!
Ink: yep, you guessed it...Basic Brown Ü
Scallop punch-SU!, glitter brad-?

Roses in Winter

As I was "chatting" with my Big Sis (DSS on SCS) about stamp sets, I mentioned I love SU!'s "Roses in Winter" and it had been neglected and I needed to get it out to play. She said this was a hard set for her to use and couldn't wait to see what I came up with. Well that was a few weeks ago and she's been "stalking" by blog to see if I've posted it yet. Ü
I stamped the roses three times on Creamy Caramel cs. The first stamp is in white and the second and third in Cameo Coral. Then I stamped the rose on scrap caramel and tore around the edges. I sponged the edges with Creamy Caramel and scrunched up. Then adhered them together for a dimensional look.

Recipe: (all SU!)
Stamps: Roses in Winter, Linen
Cardstock: Creamy Caramel
Ink: Craft White, Creamy Caramel, Cameo Coral, Old Olive

Technostamper Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge #3

Today's challenge was a BIG challenge for me. I had a terrible time putting the bottom panel down (stripe). I almost decided not to play, cuz I didn't like it, but decided to go ahead and post. Now it's growing on me. Ü

Be sure to check Mary Jo's blog to see what the rest of the players did.

Stamps: SU!
Paper: Making Memories Cosmopolitan Collection
Ink: SU! Basic Brown
Ribbon: unknown source-rec'd it as a RAK and am USING it Ü
Scissors: small scallop

Friday, February 1, 2008

Look what I rec'd today!!!!

WOWZA!! Is this cool or what?! I received this awesome package from my Big Sis (DSS from SCS) today. This is just so cool! Enclosed were cancelled stamps for Aaron (he collects these-thanks big sis!!), stamped images-too much fun as I don't have any of these (let me know the company of the dog and tiered tray, so I can give them credit when I make some cards with them) and then this totally awesome beautiful heart filled with gorgeous cards!!

Her son Nicholas wanted to make me a card, because she is always making and sending me things. How precious is that???? Inside it says "Thinking of You" and he signed his name. I love the tractor and lego brads! Perfect for me since we farm. Thank you so much Nicholas! You are a sweetie! I will treasure this and have your mom watch my blog, cuz this is going to go in my "Inspiration Station" for my St. Pat stuff.

Here is a close up of the heart filled with cards. I just love this! This is so awesome!

Here it is with out the cards.

I have a secret Ü

I see I have bypassed 30,000 hits. WOW! I still can't believe people come here to see what I have been doing. So with that milestone, it's time for some blog candy which I will post later.

So about the title...I have a secret! I am sooo excited!! Can you guess what it is? I will reveal my secret on Saturday, Feb 9th in the evening. You can guess as many times as you want and I will draw from all those names who guessed correctly to determine the winner. Have fun guessing! (in the event that no one guesses correctly, I will draw from everyone who tried Ü)

**on a yucky note, my body has finally given in to all the sickness around here and I have bronchitis! UGH!! I tried to hard to fight it. I am off to lay down and rest, but will post what you will win hopefully by tomorrow if not yet today.