Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Candy comment

I want to thank all of you for your kind words in thinking my work is designer worthy. But in case you want to guess again (since so many of you are guessing the same thing), I have not been chosen to be on design team. Hopefully someday. Ü

Now for some home front news...
The "boys" (includes DH) are getting better. YAY!! We didn't have to take Aaron to the ER. Hopefully this is a sign that he is outgrowing his lung/sinus problem.

No school today. It is nice here, but since we send Benjamin to school 30 miles away, it can be as different as nite and day in the weather. We got a phone call early this morning that there was a late start due to ice. DH takes Benjamin to meet bus and sits there for about an hour!!! A neighbor had come by to see Bruce and I told him I was just getting ready to call someone to see where he was and he told me school had been cancelled (of which we were NOT informed). I called my SIL and she told me they were on their way home. I am thankful it was that and not in a ditch somewhere due to ice. We kinda live in the middle of no where and one would have to walk a LONG way to get to anybody's house!

So today will be a good day to stamp. I hope to have lots to show you. It's cloudy so not sure how good the lighting will be to take some pics of altered things I've been working on as well as the blog candy I am offering.

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