Friday, January 19, 2018

Frugal Friday 1-19-18

I had some recent good deals lately that I thought I would share:

*First, I got all of this for $3.16! Between coupons, Walmart Savings Catcher refunds, etc, I got a great deal!

* two cans pumpkin (name brand) for 25¢ each at Dollar General, marked down because it was a 'holiday' item

*4 bottles of red jimmies sprinkles for 25¢ each...again they are considered Christmas so marked down. This will be perfect for sugar cookies for Valentine's Day!

*Red wine vinaigrette 50¢....not sure why this was marked down as the date is still good. I like this on spinach salad with almonds and strawberries

*name brand pie crust 30¢...don't know why this was marked down either, but great savings to me.

*lots of various free foods from a friend that moved out of the country and had asked if I would help her pack. This was a HUGE blessing!

*marked down bags of red and pink M & M's at Party City, picked up 4 bags for Valentine's Day

*2-lb bag carrots 88¢

*2 lb bag onions 88¢

*chicken thighs 89¢/lb, this along with the carrots and onions will make a wonderful chicken soup to make during the big snow storm we have coming this weekend.

*beef roast $2.88/lb...beef is soooo expensive here and I rarely by it, maybe once or twice a year. So this will be a really nice treat.

*free Christmas gifts...I ordered some gifts for my DIL for Christmas on Nov 27....never came so the company finally refunded me saying the UPS told them it was lost. Last week it showed up! I emailed the company to let them know so they could re-charge me and they said they couldn't re-charge me and to enjoy the order.

*Walmart, Target, & Amazon gift cards earned through swagbucks and Bing.

*free books in return for my honest review from Blogging for Books, Tyndale House Publishing, and Bethany House

I think that's it....have you found any good deals? I would love to hear about them if you have.

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