Friday, March 20, 2015

Frugal Friday 3-20-15

Had GREAT savings! The stores had great deals, plus price match, plus coupons!

*Leftover Valentine candy marked down 90%, so got 14 bags for 10¢. I can use these for treats for our 3rd grade youth boys, and my boys.
* strawberries 98¢
* dozen large eggs 99¢
* cabbage 18¢/lb (got 4 and made our favorite cabbage salad and then made a bunch of runza's and froze them. These are perfect for pulling out to thaw for a quick meal)
* celery 99¢
* gallon milk 2.76
*8 oz cheese $1
*GM cereal 1.44
*Kraft Mayo 1.43
*24 oz cottage cheese 1.77

then for showers I'm hosting...
40% off coupons to Hobby Lobby
Goodwill finds
Dollar Tree flowers that look so pretty in a jar
did lots of "shopping" in my home for doilies, decor, etc

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