Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm back!!!

WHEW! What a past week we had!
I finally have the scrapbook order done and that is such a good feeling. Took me longer to do that I thought it would.
Friday the trackmeet was cancelled due to SNOW!!!! MY calendar says it is SPRING but we were in a *WINTER* weather watch. Some places in NE got up to 30" I heard. Schools were closed due to blizzards. Just crazy! Today it is beautiful out and I hope the *winter* weather is behind us.

Even though the trackmeet was cancelled in Cozad, I still went there. Some ladies from the church went to Camp Comeca for a retreat. What a BEAUTIFUL camp!!!!!!! It was absolutely gorgeous! Of course when we got there early Friday evening we could hardly see to walk to our rooms, but then Saturday the sun came out, we got to hike and it was just beautiful!

What did you all do for May Day? Aaron made May baskets and we took them around Comstock and delivered mostly to the widows and Sr. Citizens. They all were so sweet to Aaron and he just beamed each time he delivered a *basket*-paper cup covered with patterned paper and filled with homemade kettle popcorn (DH's recipe) and candies.

This week is a little quieter. I have lots of stamping I need to get done and cards and goodies sent out to lots of people. Tonite is the Spring Sports Program and Thursday is District Trackmeet. Saturday is graduation and I babysit in the morning for my 2 yr old nephew.

I hope to be back to posting regularly now. In the next post I will show you the scrapbook I did.

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  1. yay...glad you're back....look forward to seeing your posts and getting your emails! ;) *hint!*
    We saw snow flurries on Saturday in Sayner. No accumulation though.