Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ramblings and a birthday card

YAY!!!! School is out! I know some dread this as they lose their *free* time, but since I homeschool one there is no *free* time as such for me. Because Benjamin runs cross country, there is no time for ball games/sports as they would interfere with cross country training. So we get to stay HOME much more and that makes me happy. Ü

In woods class, Benjamin made me a dining room table. I love it!! He did an awesome job and it is soooo sturdy! It is kind of a Farmer's/Shaker style table-3 ft x 6 ft.

Right now, a nephew is staying with us for a week. He is between my boys, so that makes them all a year apart. They get along great and I have been able to get lots of cleaning done.

In amongst the cleaning, I needed a quick bd card, so used one of the images I had colored last week to make this quick card. Gail had asked about Gamsol. It can be purchased from and comes with a tutorial on using it.


  1. Thanks Debbie for the link about Gamsol!

  2. lucky mom! Great job on the table Benjamin!! My hubby started woodworking in high school and has made some awesome furniture for me! That's an awesome hobby!!
    YAY for you to be free from school....I'm looking forward to lots of emails and snail mails!!
    hee hee!!! ;)

  3. That table is amazing. Benjamin did a great job.