Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Did you all vote at the Primaries yesterday? I did and worked there. This is the first year I have done that. Of course working in Comstock with very little population is alot different than working in a city, but there were still quite a few people who came out that live out in the country that I had never seen before. Some came from 25 miles away and still have a Comstock address! The experience was very interesting and I learned alot.
I also got a lot of coloring done! I have a bag with colored pencils, Gamsol and stamped images that I have ready to go at all times. Then, whenever I have to sit and wait anywhere I can color. I colored 19 images!!! Now, I have to get some cards made!
There were 4 of us working and one of the other gals was asking about the Gamsol and how it worked. I let her use my images and showed her how to color and she had a blast. I think she got about 4-5 images done. She also is a card maker when she has time and chose a Inky Antic image with a kitty one it, that she colored gray. She has a niece that she is giving a baby kitty to when it's ready, so she is going to take a picture of the kitty and send it in the card with the IA kitty image to show her what's coming. How sweet is that?!
Today Aaron has a field trip, so we will be leaving after a bit for that. I don't have any stamped images to share, but do have some pictures to show you from the farm that show that maybe Spring is FINALLY here!!
This is a picture of our crab apple tree. It usually is in full bloom May 1st. This year it was two weeks late due to all the winter weather we've been having. I figured the snow and freezing temps killed it for this year. I love doing close-ups of the blossoms. Here is a close-up of the crab apple blossom.
This picture is of our blooming pear trees.The bees have been VERY busy the past few days. We have watched them out our front window as the buzz from bloom to bloom. We should have a wonderful crop this year.
We also have apple trees. I love the white tinged with pink blossoms.Here is a picture of our cherry tree blossoms.
These trees line our circle drive and right now it is beautiful with all the trees blooming. The apple trees to the inside of the circle drive, the pear trees to the inside of the other side of the drive going to our garage and the cherry trees line along the highway.


  1. I had never heard of Gamsol (had to google it!) Could you tell us more about it?

  2. Bee-utiful flower pictures! Your yard must be gorgeous! Let's see that circle drive!! ;)

  3. Dear Debbie,
    This is such a beautiful detail picture of flowering crab tree blossoms! I'm wondering if you would allow me to use it in a post on my personal blog, Hidden Passages. I have a sweet memory under a tree just like this!