Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 goals check-in February

You can read more details about my goals HERE and how I did in January HERE

1. 2018 in 2018 Decluttering Challenge...
I have decluttered 1190/2018 items from my home

2. 40 bags in 40 days...this challenge runs from Feb 14 -  March 31

so far...4 small bags (grocery bag sized), 15 large (big black bag size), 3 trash (which for us is a feed sack)

*total to date: 15/40

3. Create 365 cards...
I created 10 cards this month 
*total to date: 42/365

4. Try 2 new recipes/month...
6. Smashed Brussels Sprouts
7. Cream Cheese and Bacon Chicken Rolls
8. Sugar Cookie Bars

*total to date: 8/24

5. Read 25 books...
4. Set Free by George Michael Loughmueller (do not recommend this book)
5. Going Home by Wanda Brunstetter
6-11. Amish Millionaire Series books 1-6 by Wanda Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter
12. Unmarried by Julie Frankland

total to date: 12/25

6. Put items on Buy/Sell/Trade...still haven't gotten the nerve to do this, BUT my DIL said she would help me. my goal for Mar is to take pics of what i want to sell and write up details about them and then maybe i can actually report for March that this got done.

7. Completely decluttering and organizing my creative space. 
slowly working on this as I work on the rest of the house as well

8. Create/Design/Etc 2 pinned items/month that are not food related...
*printed these and tied to goodie bags for my youth group kids

total to date: 4/24

9. Twelve RAK's for the year...if you are unfamiliar with RAK, it stands for Random Acts of Kindness.
*had 2 friends over for a birthday coffee (one of theirs, not mine) and sent orange rolls home with both of them for them and their family
*made Valentine goodie bags for 16 youth group kids
*took treats in for senior center coffee drinkers

**total to date: 6/12

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