Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teacup Mousie

I have two more cards to show you with the Teacup Mousie set. These are designed by Tammy DeYoung for Inky Antics and I am sooo excited that I got to play with them! I'm thinking they should have a name like Tillie Mouse. I will tell you tomorrow why I think her name should be Tillie. Ü

These cute cards are at CHA. I hope they inspired many business owners to buy from Inky Antics!
Pantry Challenge Update:
Even though I've been sick, we are still doing this. Bruce is a great cook and has always said we have alot of food in the freezer and pantry, so he has just cooked away with what we've had. Ü
However, with the long weekend and me being home on Sunday (when I usually get groceries), we are out of veggies (except carrots and a little bit of lettuce and spinach) and milk. I will pick some of that up today. I still need to post what I've spent and will try to put that up tomorrow.
I didn't eat much as I slept so much and don't remember everything we've ate. But here are a few things we've had:
chicken and noodles (one egg to one cup of flour and a little salt is our recipe for noodles, then add flour as needed to roll out)
deer steak
beef and noodles
baked chicken
chicken sandwiches
beef and/or pepperoni pizza (the cheater kind with tortilla shells)
baked potatoes
salmon and green beans
chicken roll ups: Sundried Tomato tortilla shell with honey mustard, mushrooms and onion (fried in a nonstick pan til golden brown), thinly sliced chicken breast, fresh spinach
and provolone cheese. Roll up and eat, yummy!
pudding, tapioca pudding, pear cobbler, chocolate chip cookies
Okay, that's all I can think of for now. It's time for me to go to work after being home for a week. I hope I can last the day!


  1. Oh these are cards are both very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such adorable images and love the buttons to embellish too! I've enjoyed reading your pantry updates and think we would enjoy meals at your house! :) Hope your day at work went well! Smiles, Pam :)

  3. Cute, cute, cute cards! I haven't stamped in soooo long. :( Maybe I will break out the inks this weekend. Hope you are feeling better! Take care!

  4. you've got quite the chef hubby! I wouldn't mind borrowing him sometimes!! LOL! Sounds like he's keeping you well fed! hugs!