Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stay Tuned...

If you are checking this blog for family news, not much really going on. Bruce is tired of the snow and ice-ice especially. He knows I like snow and isn't happy that I am getting plenty of it. So, I will try to not want snow. Ü
We got Benjamin's passport all filled out, pictures taken and everything is now sent in. He is planning on going to Belize in May with the youth group and I'm still not sure I want him to go. I told him I was going with him and then found out it is humid beyond our comprehension and in the 100's most of the time even when it is raining. I can't take the heat and humidity is not a good thing to me, so I won't be going. Ü
If you check here for my stamped projects, I will get something posted this week. I hurt my back last Wednesday (slipped but didn't fall on the ice) and wasn't able to get to the chiropractor until Tuesday. I had 3 ribs out, a place in my neck and several places in my back, esp. my lower back. So I haven't stamped in quite awhile. I am feeling better today and need to get some birthday and thinking of you cards done, so hopefully will have something to post if they turn out to be blog fodder. If they don't, you won't see them. Ü
Until later,