Monday, August 7, 2017

Sunshine Basket

I really wish I would have taken pictures of all the baskets I've made so that I could remember all the things I've put in each one. This basket was for the "mom" that I talked about in this post.

I've really been into pom poms lately and love how these little pom poms I made make this basket even more fun. I forgot to take a photo of it, but you can see a hand crocheted dishcloth tucked in on the right side of the basket. It looks like I also missed Gold Bond lotion and chapstick. 

To start off, I created 6 thank you cards and added envelops and tied them all together. I know when I've been in the hospital, there are always people you want to send a thank you to.

 This is a post it note holder with pen. This is the first time I've made one of these and I liked it so much, I've decided I need to make one to have sitting by the computer.
 One of my mini notepad holders.
 Again, a straw taped onto a drink with washi, because drinks are just more fun with a straw.

 fun snack and polka dot napkins, they had planned to be in the hospital for several days, so I thought the napkins would come in handy. As it turned out, they were miraculously out of the hospital 4 days later! But fun napkins can always be used.
 This is the other notepad holder I made with the other 1/2 of the yellow pocket holder.
 This time I made a hand crocheted flower to attach to a yellow paperclip

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