Friday, November 28, 2014

Frugal Friday 11-28-14

Grocery Deals
*cream cheese 70¢ each
*gallon milk 2.99
*flour 78¢/5 lb
*butter 1.98/lb
*sugar 97¢/4 lb

*was given corn candy and peanuts left over from Ladies Night Out
*rec'd bag of Hawaiian Dinner Rolls from a friend
*won a blog hop and rec'd a stamp set
*rec'd free book from Blogging for Books
*downloaded free books from Bookbub
*SIL gave me some baskets and yellow goodies she picked up for my Sunshine Baskets I made
*picked up some baskets for 10¢ each
*pretty snowman mug for 10¢ for a Christmas goodie basket I'm making

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