Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cupcakes Anyone?

I ♥ cupcakes and these are so yummy! I also ♥ Pinterest (where I also learned how to make the ♥-alt, 3) where there is so much inspiration in anything you can imagine.

These Brownie Buckeye Cupcakes are so yummy! I even made some mini ones. The recipe made 12 regular and 12 mini. I am not a frosting person, but that peanut butter frosting is so light and yummy! I'm thinking it would make a great fruit dip.

The ganache part of the recipe was way to much, so next time I would cut that in 1/2 and still would have lots left over. I think I will just use the extra as a fruit dip for now.

Benjamin's girlfriend loves peanut butter and chocolate (she is definitely a keeper! Ü), so I made these just for her. She loved them.

The kids got home from college last night and I love it when we are all here. We are going to be having a quiet Easter this year with just us and mom & dad. I have some fun things planned for the kids and will be posting those Monday. Stop back for more yummy pictures of another cupcake I am making for Easter dinner as well as some other things I have planned.

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