Friday, June 25, 2010

Shoebox Swap

Just to let you know I really HAVE been creating, but it's for CHA and I can't show it to you yet. Ü I do have some things in this post to show that I've been busy.

I've also been busy just working on the house. This is when I have time to do my "spring" cleaning. I am enjoying my time at home sooo much! I am able to cook full meals for my "boys" as well as many sweet treats that they like so much.

Edited to add: The theme to my shoebox swap was "Very Vintage"
I also fixed the link to the last swap I entered. Sorry for the confusion
LONG post...
I entered my second Shoebox Swap that Carrie and Monica host. I had so much fun with my first one (see details for that one here) that I just had to enter to play again. This time I was partnered with Monica. I don't know how Carrie does it, butshe matches up partners perfectly! Monica and I had so much in common and it was so much fun to create a pkg for her.

I had so much fun opening this package and going through all the goodies that Monica sent. I can't wait for the next one! LOL!!

Here is a picture of everything all together:

Monica made this ADORABLE bag! You can read more about how she made it on her blog here. Two fun books to read. I love reading cookbooks and old ones are especially fun. This one also has some yummy recipes I'm going to try.

We get a survery to fill out to know our swap partner so we have an idea of what they would like. I had mentioned to Monica that as a family we like to play games and watch movies and that DH makes the YUMMIEST popcorn. (we have an old crank style popcorn popper and he adds sugar to the oil after it gets hot with the kernels. Then when it all pops together it has a sugar coating...YUM-O) So Monica sent these fun popcorn holders for our next movie nite. I can't wait to use them.

oh still my heart....a bag full of vintage lace, buttons and lots of goodies!
Some yummy flavored tea bags.
A beatiful frame with verse that Monica made for me.

vintage tray that I can use to carry tea and goodies when friends come over

Can't wait to play with this kit. These flowers will be perfect for Christmas decor projects.

I have to tell you a story about these star tins. I was in Grand Island in an antique store and had tins exactly like this in my hand. I knew what I wanted to do with them, but for some *reason* put them back. After I got home I was kicking myself for not getting them. Then I get Monica's pkg and here they are!! I think it's cool that God knew I wanted these and prompted me to put them back knowing they were coming in the mail. I will have a post later for what I plan to use these for with the holidays coming up.

Goodies to use to make invites for having friends over for tea.

Here is just a little bit of what I sent her. I think she will post the rest on her blog.

She mentioned that she needed notecards and I have had this Stationary Box tutorial saved in my favorites for a long time ever since I saw it on Jackie's blog. SCS now has a step by step tutorial and a video that you can watch. It really is so easy and quick to make.

This is what it looks like closed

and here it is opened when you take the lid off

the little pocket by the note pad is for postage stamps. I put some in, but forgot to take the picture with them in

a close up of the pocket with candy

here are the tags I made that she can attach to a gift with a card if she wants

and here are the cards. I made them very simple so that she can use them for any occasion that she needs them for

Here is the vintage tin I got her and put ribbon, buttons, books and other goodies in.

You can see what others sent by going here to Carrie's blog:


  1. Thank you so much for showing me the link to the tutorial for the paper box. I LOVE it! I'll be making it this summer. What a fun blog you have. I found you from the Homespun Heart.

  2. Followed your link and this is an AMAZING set of gifts for one another. THis was my second swap as well and I was matched rather perfectly myself!

    I love seeing how creative the two of you were!

    Hope you have a wonderful summer!

    - Carrie, Offering Hospitality

  3. Thank you for the link to the paper box tutorial! I love it! This was my first swap but I am so excited about doing it again. I must say I do feel bad for my partner because I felt she got the short of the stick. But I've made a new friend and look forward to getting to know her better. And hey if I am ever in Australia maybe I can actually meet her in person!! :)

  4. Debbie,

    I'm thrilled you had so much fun with the swap and felt your partner was a good match. I do spend a lot of time trying to put complementary people together!

    Enjoy your goodies. I love the cards and box you made Monica!

  5. Really nice!! I loved seeing all your things you sent to each other!

  6. Beautiful box, Debbie! What a fun tutorial - will have to try it out. Wonderful cards and tags. I loved how you added the extra "lacey" trims to the box, tags and your cards.