Monday, April 5, 2010

Nugget Bunnies

This fun project is one I will be teaching to the Resource students I work with. They are excited when I teach them a craft. They have to have all their work caught up and this is a great reward for working so hard.

This is super easy to do. I cut the bunnies with my cricut, but you can draw your own bunny head or google bunny images and there are lots online to choose from.

I cut a piece of patterned paper (here I used scraps from my spring block project by Imaginisce) 1.25" by 3". Adhere adhesive (I used Tombow's Mono-Adhesive) on strip and wrap around a Hershey nugget. I drew the bunny face on with a black marker and colored the nose and ears with pink. Markers are by Tombow also.

Use Tombow's Liquid glue to adhere the head to one end of the candy and a pompom for the tail to the other and quickly watch these bunnies multiply. Ü This project is a great one to do with children and a great way to use up all those patterned paper scraps.

**side note: this post was preposted. The students had a blast making these. Those bunnies were multiplying all over the place! Ü I couldn't take a picture of them, because the students I work with are part of the "no child left behind" program and it's confidential.

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  1. you're such a sweetie to make projects with the kids!! I'm sure they had fun....multiplying bunnies!!