Thursday, April 8, 2010

Graduation Announcements

I just thought I would show you what I've been busy working on (and am STILL working on). I am taking these to school today to work on during my lunch break and after school while we wait for Benjamin to get out of track. I am hoping by tomorrow they will be pretty much finished (and then we will think of someone else to send to LOL).
The seniors' colors this year are Crimson and Chrome. I LOVE that! So much classier than red and gray. Ü Plus NO purple!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! This is the smartest class to graduate! (for real too)

I have already gone through 3 MONO Adhesive Dots cartridges!


  1. Wow, big project...but worth it!
    & He sooo handsoome! :-)
    God Bless you all...

  2. This is wonderful that you're making your son's graduation announcements Debbie! I think everyone always enjoys getting a much more personal!