Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm Pooped!

I just took out the fourth batch of cinnamon rolls, plus I made a loaf of bread. I have a neighbor that ordered 6 doz cinnamon rolls and 6 dozen cookies. I will make the other two doz cinn rolls and cookies tomorrow. She needs them for Friday. Thankfully, she was ok with getting them a day early as Kim's funeral is Friday and we will leave early Friday morning.

In between the making of rolls and bread, I started working on a gift for Todd & Logan. I had this "brainy" idea to take all the journals and messages that they and everyone else posted on the caring site and make them into a book! Crazy, I know! Do you KNOW how many messages have been posted?! As of right now, 1036!! AND I can't just copy and paste, cuz then it is just a mess! I am NOT going to edit all the misspelling and etc. I thought I would just leave it as people posted. What I have done is paste the journal message from Todd, Rob (Kim's brother) and Kim (all of Kim's I did in pink) and made it bold. Then I copy and pasted each message that people posted that day, so it is all in chronological order starting with the first post.
Then I will somehow make it more 'readable'. I am thinking of making it two columns. I will then make a cover and print out all the pages. Not sure how this is going to go together, but I know it will be in pink as that was Kim's favorite color. Ü I hope that this will be a treasure and comfort to Todd & Logan that they can read in the days to come to see how much Kim meant to everyone and how loved she was.

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