Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween Scrapbook Pages for NICU

Back in September when I made THESE cute Teacup Mouse Kisses for the nurses in NICU, one of the nurses asked Kassy (my DIL) if I would be interested in making Halloween scrapbook pages for the doors of each NICU baby's room. I said yes and this turned into making Thanksgiving and Christmas ones as well. :)

The nurses are so good to the families in the NICU where my granddaughter is. On their own, they create scrapbook pages and take pictures of the babies and put them on the outside doors to their rooms. This is just one of MANY things they do to make something "normal"/special for the parents and babies.

I quick took these pics and then headed to see my granddaughter and kids and didn't view the pics first, so they aren't the best quality, but I have some friends who wanted to see what I created. I made 28 pages. If it says "babies", ghost footprints of multiples (twins or triplets) go on those pages and if it says "baby", footprints of one baby.

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