Saturday, February 21, 2015

Frugal Friday 2-20-15

A day late, because for some reason, all the posts I've preposted aren't posting, so having to go in and redo them.

For $7.56 I got:
3 LARGE boxes of Malt O Meal cereal
2 bags of frosted shredded wheat cereal
2 bags of blue whale candy (for a shower, more on that in a later post)
3 bags of
1 gallon milk
4 bags of shredded cheese
2 large cartons cottage cheese
box of store brand "ritz" crackers
Palo popcorn
4 9-volt batteries
2 big bags of gummy worms (for a shower)
2 bags of Turtles candy
4 bags potato chips
2 bags split peas
10 pkgs Ramen noodles
2 boxes hot tamales
2 4-lb bags sugar

all of the above was possible because of rebates, store coupons, coupons on products for even more off, price match, etc. It was so much fun to come home and have it all sit on the table and know I only spent a little bit for it.

I also bought these items I needed for some recipes:

2.5 lb bag chicken $4.99
raspberries $2
Zesta cracker $.99
sausage 1.25/roll

Went to Goodwill to pick up some 50¢ baskets for my sunshine baskets. Will be making up more of them. I already made up one basket and forgot to take a picture. That one went to someone who recently lost her mother and they also recently found out her husband is seriously ill.

used 40% off coupon in Hobby Lobby for item for a shower I am giving and bought some fun things marked down 90% for gifts and showers

took advantage of 50% off paper sale at Hobby Lobby, for shower invites

was given 2 heads of lettuce and a large bag of diced cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions. We've been eating that on cottage cheese. Very good

made hummus...oh my! so good! Will definitely be making this more often
made homemade pitas & flat bread

bought a large atlas book and map for $1...using this for a shower as well

more free movies in Comstock. I've been going almost every Friday and Saturday now. Nice to just get out.

rec'd a coupon for a free sandwich at a restaurant when they brought cold onion rings, also got some fresh onion rings. Gave the coupon to mom as I rarely eat there and she eats there more often, so I knew she would appreciate it.

So about all the shower business....more on that's why it's been a little quiet here on the blog. Ü

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