Friday, May 30, 2014

Frugal Friday 5-30

By the time most of you read this, I will be on my way to decorate for the wedding reception and rehearsal supper (at a separate bldg.), but wanted to share some fun frugal finds with you today

*bought shirt with coupon for DH for wedding, great deal for a dress shirt
*was able to buy wedding clothes for myself including shoes and necklace with everything being on sale and then an added coupon for the shoes
*3 lb strawberries for $2.19 at Walmart
*used 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for new blades for my paper cutter
*downloaded book from Bookbub
*Benjamin scored gallon milk marked down to 69¢! We got several to make the cornbread and hamburger buns for the wedding.
*more strawberries for 98¢
*needed shredded cabbage for rehearsal supper and it was marked down to 79¢
*went to Sonic during happy hour while shopping
*went to Culvers (frozen yogurt) and they "accidentally made 2" of what was ordered, so gave us the free one. (good thing we had ordered small so we could eat them)
*local grocery store had fried chicken from their deli marked down to 99¢ a box. Most of the boxes were marked $8.90 ish. They had 2 breasts, thighs and wings or legs. I bought 5 of the largest weight boxes and tore the meat off of 4 to bag and freeze for shredded chicken gravy and biscuits and saved the other to eat so I would have to heat the stove/oven since it's been hot.
*needed a birthday gift for mom and found some good buys at Walmart and then a basket marked down 66% to put them all in. (got her some flavored tea, mug and pretty dish towel, then added one of my handmade dishcloths)

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