Monday, November 11, 2013

Pinned It Made It Monday

I helped host a couple's wedding shower a few weeks ago and these cupcakes as well as these were the featured dessert.

These are Key Lime Cupcakes that I made from this recipe.

I made the blackberry filling, but did not like it. I also did not like the frosting, it was too sweet.

The frosting is Cool Whip colored a light purple (the couple's wedding colors were lime and purple) and then drizzled with melted seedless blackberry jam. It was very light and refreshing. The bride likes fruits and vegetables and the groom likes peanut butter and chocolate, so we had the 2 different kinds of cupcakes.

I am linking this up to Country Girl at Home for her Pinned It Made It Monday challenge.


  1. Key lime...oh my! Yummy!

    Thanks for participating!


  2. I need a food buffer when I visit your blog. I love your food ideas, but they make always me hungry and now I want these cupcakes!!!